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Photography Services Purchasing

Gifted to tell a story with the camera eye. To see an angle never seen and bring out " the look " that we dream.  We specialize in weddings, portraits, scenery and everyday life.  I can also retouch, redo, repair, and renew your torn, faded, or deteriorated photos with a bit of digital wizardry. From a negative or dusty print , to severely torn photos.  I can also enhance, add color, change foreground and background, or remove unwanted objects within any photo. 

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Digital Photo Restoration

Digital restoration of faded, torn, cracked, or severely deteriorated photos.  Please submit a scan of your photo with at least 300 dpi and for smaller photos 600 dpi. If you are submitting a negative, please contact me for mailing instructions. You will receive your restored photograph in a JPEG format for you to download.

1 Hour Photo Shoot

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Enjoy a 1 hour professional photo shoot with up to 3 photographers at the same time. Each photo will be enhanced and the best will be placed in your portfolio.  A CD portfolio will be ready for you to download.  

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Digital Photo Enhancement and Editing

Submit your photos at least 300-720 dpi. I can enhance, edit, change color, change the background or foreground, or remove any unwanted object.

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