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The Awareness Campaign is market bombing a state with awareness. You will establish community meetings, create a marketing strategy, and promote Helpspan legislation through free media resources. This position is voluntary and is best suited for those who are passionate about meeting people and helping children.

If you would like to be a part of this group please type "Awareness" in the subject line.


Parental child abduction occurs when one parent removes or conceals the child from the other parent in order to gain an advantage in pending child-custody proceedings or out of fear of losing their child in such hearing. A parent may also choose this course of action to flee abuse. Parental child abductions occur within the same city, state, or internationally. There are several states that do not possess parental child legislation that governs the time period prior to when court orders are enacted.


The Helpspan legislation is grass roots, using social media, and word of mouth tactics to promote awareness with the proposed bills. Gathering support from you this idea is a reality. However, we need your help. Per law, you must reside within the state that your petition and support is gathered.


Helpspan is seeking citizens of each state who will spearhead the creation of parental child abduction legislation in their state through awareness, seeking legislative support, and promoting continual support through each session.


This may seem a difficult task; however, the hardest part is already done. The petition is available to download and edit in accordance with your state law. Once you have obtained a Representative's support, your work remains, continuing awareness through various resources, educating the public about this form of child abuse.

You will change the world and your bill will save countless children's lives. Please join us today and choose your state to support Helpspan legislation by typing it in the subject line.


You have a knack for legal research and investigative skills.

You can find any statistic and cross reference any code.

You have a desire to learn and leave your mark by helping others.

You are the key to the whole process.


As state rules change with each year, it is very difficult to allocate and verify each state code, missing person data, and cross reference with bill proposals and prior missing person’s statistics. We need legislative researchers. If you would like to be a part of our Legislative Support Team please type "Support" in the subject line.


We are not a 5013C registered organization. However, your donation is greatly appreciated and used to promote our Awareness Campaign and various other support systems utilized.

​We remain a not for profit organization. Please visit our PROMOTE site to purchase items that promote



Not only can you help through legislative sponsorship, you can help with our grass roots campaigns. Through awareness via email, mail, calls, social media, flyers, radio, and TV PSA's. we need your help to generate support for each bill presented. If you would like to volunteer your time, please add "Volunteer" in the subject line.

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