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Experts Panel


  1. Can an Amber be issued if my child is a runaway? Not applicable in all states.  Yes, in Texas and if your child is in danger. Please give this information and the type of danger  that your child is in to the officer. 
  2. Is there a time frame to wait before reporting a missing child? No, there is no required time farme. However, some situations do not require immediate response such as visiting a friend. 
  3. What information will I need  give to the officer?  You will be asked of the last known whereabouts of your child and the time frame metioned. Would there be any reasons to cause the abduction or  run away? Do you suspect your spouse or a family member as suspect?  Answer each question in detail and provide any  evidence that you may have to aid in idetnifying the abductor and whereabouts of your child. 
  4. What does it mean to be  in danger? This term is left broad for a specific purpose to include any reasonable measure to which a child will experience physical, emotional, or pyschological trauma. 
  5. Can charges be filed against the abductor? Yes, these range in variance per state.
  6. Does this law recognize unwed parents paternity? Yes, this legislation recoginzes the importance of both parents roles in a child's life and understands unwed parents rights. This is applied only if the parent is listed on the birth certfcate and is not contested in a court of law.
  7. Does this law establish custody? No, this law protects all children from birth to the age of majority. This does not establish custody and works with the existing managing conservators.
  8. If I take my child to flee abuse, will I be punished under this law? No, there are protective measures for this and is listed in each state legislation. 
  9. Is there a national law? Not yet, we are seeking to have a federal law and each state law. Our goal nationally is to work alongside the existing Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act by mandating state boundaries rules.
  10. Are you a 5013C? No, we are operate solely grass roots. All donations are for marketing for each state legislation.  
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