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Michael Castillo is a multi-talented artist, musician, Ordained Christian Minister, and Child Advocate. Graduating with studies in music and video production at the Art Institute of Houston. Michael has a natural talent of visual art without training in drawing, painting, and the application thereof. Michael's artwork work has displayed in national media, print, and in galleries. He uses materials and processes that are not of a traditional sense producing phenomenal captures of life and time. Among his best-known sketches are "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Fox and the Hound", which landed him an offer from Disney. His photograph into sketch conversions draw the characteristics of each subject into an heir-looming, uniquely, created portrait. Using oil, pastel, and lead mediums, Michael's "Energy Series” invoked a deeply spiritual lexicon of passion, emotive, and life concerns. Recently, Michael has ventured into canvas of various aspects using wood, tin, metal, and markers. His “Super Bowl” dry erase wall mural was broadcast to a national audience.  

Michael's work in photography and video is a critical investigation of the mediums and more broadly the vicissitudes of "living" culture, nature, and gems hidden in plain sight.  Using the process of derived reproduction as a point of entry, Michael, manipulates the conventions of advertising, the superficiality of surface, and ultimately the history of daily life. Holding dear with deeply aesthetic and sometimes personal approach, his photographs evoke a craving of our perception by questioning the communication mechanisms and understandings that influence our conception of reality. Michael’s videography and editing began in the 90's in network and broadcast productions. Shooting in both EFP and ENG modes using a variety of cameras; Sony, Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Ikegami, and even cell phones, the artist’s work is a social, cultural, and a technical time stamp of the way we live and interact.  His first award winning production was an adoption video for the Depelchin Children’s Center in Houston, Texas. His most powerful works are the birthday video celebrations which hold dear to memories of a lifetime and snapshots of the life of the subject. His work in the studio involves digital and linear editing ECU's and audio engineering with consoles up to 36 channels.

​Michael's work in the area of child advocacy began in 2003, when his 6 year old son was parentally abducted and missing for over 6 agonizing months. Michael, utilized his skill as an investigator, locating his son over 120 miles from his home. It was through the power of Christ, strength of family and friends that Michael turned this tragedy into triumph. In 2005, Michael created Helpspan (Help Stop Parental-child Abduction Now), a non-profit assistance program to help others who are enduring missing children. Working with various state legislators, actors, victims, and families,  Michael wrote the the first parental child abduction petition, which in 2008, became the nation's first law recognizing parental child abduction. The #1 cause of all missing children. In 2013, Michael was appointed as a Legislative Advisor by Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Texas laws became the nation’s first legislation that listed all parentally abducted and/or missing children, who are in danger, into the Missing Persons Database and the Texas Amber Alert system.


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